Excerpts from REEL TALK: A Cinemoir

REEL TALK:  A cinemoir of images, people and ideas

An eclectic memoir that is a mixture of images, people and ideas. The resultant story is a Cinemoir.


August 1, 2010, 11PM Atlanta, Ga

I am a fountain of understanding with empathy for discovery who values the diversity of life. How I came to this vision is revealed through the pages of this book. Cinema and media have been a major influence on my life. I take the strands of these threads and weave the colorful story that is my life. At sixty-three (63) I've seen the new century arrive and am living in one of the most challenging times in our history. I feel secure that my story is one that is unique and common. The way in which my life tapestry is the fabric of my being is a story that bares scrutiny. I humbly invite your decision.


I am a book lover; I love them so much I have to write them.

I am a ratchet with life. I stand for going in the right direction with my writing and my life.

Ratchet – a tool used to allow effective motion in one direction. 




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Films in REEL TALK: A Cinemoir


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media & cinema - historic, contemporary and foreign.


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